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CodeCharge Studio Extends the Power of Microsoft FrontPage®

CodeCharge Studio Add-In Brings Rapid Database Connectivity and Code Generation to FrontPage to Simplify the Creation of Data-Driven Web Sites

San Francisco – June 12, 2002 – YesSoftware today announced that CodeCharge Studio, the fastest way to develop Web applications, is now available as an Add-In for Microsoft FrontPage®.

CodeCharge Studio brings database-connectivity and multi-platform code-generation capabilities to the FrontPage development environment, enabling users to build powerful, interactive, database-enabled Web applications quickly and easily. The CodeCharge Studio Add-In is based on YesSoftware’s code-generation technology and is specifically adapted to give FrontPage and Microsoft Access users an intuitive, visual development environment for building Web applications.

"CodeCharge Studio expands FrontPage into a powerful Web application development environment,” said Giovanni Mezgec, lead product manager for FrontPage at Microsoft Corp. "With the CodeCharge Studio add-in, FrontPage is more valuable than ever, offering individuals and organizations alike the ideal solution for creating dynamic and professional database-enabled Web sites quickly and easily."

CodeCharge Studio gives users of FrontPage who want to create data-driven Web sites and applications a powerful, intuitive way to generate professional quality code in all popular server-side programming languages, including .NET(C#), ASP, ColdFusion, Java, PHP and Perl. The Add-In is an open and extensible environment that features an easy-to-use, advanced Application Builder that quickly converts Access and other databases into full-featured Web applications. Other features include a professional code editor to extend and fine-tune generated code, a visual query designer and a macro library, and site security features and full compatibility with virtually any Web server. FrontPage users can also quickly customize numerous pre-built solutions – further decreasing development time.

"CodeCharge Studio adds essential functionality to FrontPage and drastically simplifies and speeds the development time for professional, scaleable, database-enabled Web applications,” said Konrad Musial, CEO of YesSoftware. "The Add-In creates a development environment similar to Access, resulting in a low learning curve for Access developers and giving both FrontPage and Access users a simple, low-risk and cost-effective solution for building Web applications that leverage database assets without combating connectivity issues.”

Pricing and Availability
The CodeCharge Studio Add-In for Microsoft FrontPage is now available for $499.95, with an introductory offer of $279.95. For a complete list of features and benefits or to download a free 30-day trial version of the CodeCharge Studio Add-In please visit the YesSoftware Web site at

About YesSoftware
YesSoftware develops and markets rapid application development (RAD) tools based on its advanced code-generation technology. YesSoftware products enable developers to dramatically accelerate the Web development process and create powerful database-connected Web applications – within a fraction of the time and cost.

Thousands of enterprise users, consultants, students, and teachers use YesSoftware products to create data-driven Intranet and Web applications, including interfaces to legacy systems. Current customers include Sony, AT&T, IBM, Compaq, Xerox, Goodrich Corporation, Datek, Level3, I2, TRW, Ikea, Cisco, 3COM, Dell, Kerr-McGee, NASA, US Navy, US Military, various universities and other companies large and small.

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