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Use FrontPage to build professional
database-driven web applications in
ASP, C#, ColdFusion, JSP, PHP and Perl!

New FrontPage Add-In will change the way you develop websites.
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CodeCharge Studio Add-In converts FrontPage into a powerful web development tool that lets you:

Rapidly create Web-based Portals, Stores, Catalogs, Employee Directories, Intranet and Internet Systems, and more...

Automatically convert MS Access or any other database to a web application for searching, viewing and maintaining data

Generate programming code in any popular server language, including C#

CodeCharge Studio within FrontPage generates clean, customizable, industrial strength code. You build your application through intuitive point-and-click wizards, and CodeCharge Studio automatically generates both your HTML pages and code in the programming language of your choice.
Once CodeCharge Studio is installed, creating web applications with FrontPage becomes similar to designing Forms in MS Access. Microsoft Access users will recognize many familiar elements, such as Properties, Actions and Events.

Download CodeCharge Studio with FrontPage Add-In


FrontPage integration

For developers who use Microsoft FrontPage as their primary HTML editor, CodeCharge Studio includes FrontPage Add-In. Install the Add-In and CodeCharge Studio features are accessible via menus and toolbars from within FrontPage.

Power Wizard

Automatically converts your database to a web application by creating a multi-page, dynamic site based on your database structure.

Component Wizards

Generate sophisticated search, grid, login/logout, and record update components and pages automatically.

Code Editor

Integrated code editor with auto-indent and color syntax highlighting.

Support for Multiple Programming Languages

CodeCharge Studio generates programming code in any of the following server programming languages: C# (ASP.NET), VBScript (ASP), ColdFusion, Java (Servlets or JSP), PHP and Perl.

Custom Code and Actions

Applications generated with CodeCharge Studio can be easily extended by adding custom code or by utilizing any of the predefined Actions.

Security management

CodeCharge Studio allows developers to define secure role-based access for each page or individual component.


Jumpstart solutions

CodeCharge Studio includes several pre-built full-functioned solutions so you can see real CodeCharge-generated applications in action. Copy and paste the code into your application or study how the experts did it. 

Customizable themes

CodeCharge Studio includes over 35 customizable themes using CSS or HTML tags so you can generate professionally designed sites or support your company's presentation standard.

Data Source Editor with Query Builder

Developers may easily select tables, stored procedures, or use custom SQL as data source for their data-aware forms. Visual query builder creates SQL queries without coding.

Extensive Database Support

CodeCharge Studio supports most existing databases via JET and ODBC during the design mode, while utilizing JET, ODBC, JDBC, ADO, DBI and PHPLib in the generated programs to connect to databases during run-time.


Multiple Database Connections

CodeCharge Studio supports multiple database connections to allow web applications to utilize multiple data sources, for example to validate user access against an external user database.


Most of CodeCharge Studio's features are implemented via an open environment in XML and JavaScript, enabling increased site functionality through the design and integration of custom components.

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